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Zipline, Speedy Snake Heroine by Abstract--Thought Zipline, Speedy Snake Heroine :iconabstract--thought:Abstract--Thought 7 8 Neve R. Moore the Librarian, Kurio's Close Friend by Abstract--Thought Neve R. Moore the Librarian, Kurio's Close Friend :iconabstract--thought:Abstract--Thought 7 1 Smear, Kurio's Nemesis by Abstract--Thought Smear, Kurio's Nemesis :iconabstract--thought:Abstract--Thought 6 2 Anthem, Kurio's Sidekick by Abstract--Thought Anthem, Kurio's Sidekick :iconabstract--thought:Abstract--Thought 8 0 Klonoa Naked and Happy by Abstract--Thought Klonoa Naked and Happy :iconabstract--thought:Abstract--Thought 13 4 Not Enough Peewee by Serious Rainbow Mod by Abstract--Thought Not Enough Peewee by Serious Rainbow Mod :iconabstract--thought:Abstract--Thought 2 6 Peewee's Family by Serious Rainbow Mod by Abstract--Thought Peewee's Family by Serious Rainbow Mod :iconabstract--thought:Abstract--Thought 7 23 Dragon Sword Fighting by Serious Rainbow Mod by Abstract--Thought Dragon Sword Fighting by Serious Rainbow Mod :iconabstract--thought:Abstract--Thought 1 2 Abstract and Kyo by DILeakStudios by Abstract--Thought Abstract and Kyo by DILeakStudios :iconabstract--thought:Abstract--Thought 1 3


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Zipline, Speedy Snake Heroine
Another hero character of mine:  Zipline, the fastest snake alive!  She's a fellow hero in Kurio's home city of Stratopolis, and while they're not really on a team together, they get along rather well.  You don't see a lot of heroic snake characters, sad to say, so I wanted to do my part to fix that.  This time the art is done by Putuk, who quite enjoys reptiles and is good at quirky character design:

8 Facts about Zipline:

1.  She's a black mamba, the fastest snake on land, though she's not as good at moving on loose land like sand.

2.  Her powers came in gradually, starting from being able to move slightly faster than normal as a toddler to being banned from track at high school.

3.  Zipline's costume is rainbow-themed because she loved rainbows since she was a kid and wanted the image of her rainbow blur to be a symbol of hope. She didn't even know rainbows were an LGBT symbol when she made the costume despite being L herself.

4.  She's accustomed to doing things fast, including talking and eating, and tends to feel antsy (no offense to Anthem) when slowing down for too long. She can't even sleep these days without sleepslithering on a treadmill.

5.  All snakes have arms in Kurio's world of Spectael. Zipline finds them handy for punching enemies without needing to slow down.

6.  Kurio and Zipline first met in high school and became good friends. After she became a superhero, she encouraged Kurio to do the same thing during a conversation where he lamented about various crime and misfortune in the world.

7.  She has venom like many snakes, but she hates using it on anyone, feeling that it's too barbaric for a hero to use.

8.  Zipline's real name is Allegra Coyle.

Neve R. Moore the Librarian, Kurio's Close Friend

Here's another character from Kurio's world!  Despite the pose, she's not a super like Anthem or Smear, just a relatively normal librarian who Kurio is friends with.  Art once again by

8 Facts about Neve R. Moore:

1.  Neve can fly pretty well, except when she tries to read and fly at the same time...something she's no longer allowed to do in the city limits.

2.  She's a crow, a bird species known for their intellect, but she's often mistaken for a raven, much to her consternation.

3.  Ever since she was a kid, Neve loved books so much she'd managed to read all the books in the Thoreau Clemens Library. She got the position of librarian simply because she was the only applicant who could find the books.

4.  When she molts, she likes to use molted feathers as bookmarks.

5.  Sometimes she writes stories in her spare time. Ironically, she's a terrible writer despite all the stories she's read.

6.  She's a real stickler for facts and logic. She has one shelf in the library solely dedicated to her frustrated writings about logical & factual failings in other books.

7.  Kurio talks with her a lot between hero work. While initially put off by all his questions, she now appreciates having someone to talk with who's as hungry for knowledge as her. Sometimes they even feel warm and fuzzy around each other, but when that happens their mouths are too dry to say anything on the matter...

8.  Neve's middle name was originally Raven, but she later had it changed to Rowling to try and stop people thinking she was a raven.


1.  As a raccoon, Kurio has excellent night vision.

2.  Most of his family wears glasses, but he finds goggles comfier.

3.  Kurio tends to get warm easily, which is why he doesn’t like to wear clothes.

4.  His subspecies is less bound to gravity, which is why his tail ball can float.  His gravity resistance allows him to flutter to the ground slowly by wagging his tail, although he tends to tumble more when he trips.

5.  Kurio is the only nudist in the family.  His father’s side of the family is more formal so he’s forced to wear clothes when visiting them, but his mother’s side of the family doesn’t mind.

6.  His curiosity tends to lead him to badger people about every little thing he’s curious about, though he’s gotten better about it in recent years.

7.  Kurio has a fondness for music, but he’s self-conscious about playing or singing in front of others.

8.  Kurio’s last name is Prokos.

(In response to this:  

[Tagged] 8 Facts! :o

1. Post these rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character
3. Tag 8 other characters
4. Post their names along with their owners
I was tagged to do Raizer, Dex and Ark by Phantomania, so here I go : o
1. Feels a great affinity towards Fire, Wind and Lightning magics and enjoys using Fire magic very much.
2. He can't swim.
3. Before forging his daggers, he initially thought about a shield and sword combo but thought it too cumbersome for his high energy style.
4. He actually has quite a dexterous hand, and helped Faye make the bow she wears everywhere. He might have an eye for fashion, but isn't really interested in it...
5. Raizer is very physically fit and naturally fast without magic enhancement, so it's scary to think how fast he might be with wind magic...
6. Despite his tiny wings, Raizer has no desire to ever fly and considers it more exciting to explore by foot.
7. He really, really wants to be Zen's friend.
8. Despite being at the ripe ag


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